Sale and Delivery Conditions

Sales and Delivery Conditions

  1. Concrete ordered under Australian standard specification No. CA2, 1963 or ASA No. 64 Ready Mixed Concrete will be supplied of a standard not less than that prescribed by the relevant specifications.
  2. The concrete supplied is according to specifications detailed on the docket. The company accepts no responsibility in respect of any defect which may develop in any concrete supplied if water is added to the concrete either before or after the discharge from the delivery unit without sanction of the Company’s Engineer or Representative or if an admixture has been used in the concrete at the customer’s request or specification. Drivers have instructions to make no alteration to the mix without specific signed authorisation by the purchaser or his representative.
  3. A period of twenty minutes is allowed for unloading. The company reserves the right to charge for any detention in excess of this period at the ruling rate of $3.50 per minute.
  4. The Company accepts no responsibility in respect of any defect which may develop in any concrete supplied and which is due to faulty handling, placing or curing of concrete by the customer or to faulty or defective job practices.
  5. The Company will not recognise test results from concrete supplied by it unless the concrete is sampled at the point of delivery in accordance with AS No. A64, 1960 and tested strictly in accordance with AS Nos. A1000, 1957.
  6. The Company responsibility for delivery of concrete will cease at the kerbside of this job stated. If it is necessary for the vehicle to cross the footpath or to enter upon private property in the course of effecting delivery the purchaser will provide safe and adequate access and notwithstanding will pay for all damage to any public or private and every injury or wrong that may result therefrom.
  7. The Company shall not be liable for delay in delivery or on delivery resulting from any cause beyond its control.
  8. The prices quoted are for delivery during normal working hours and are based on current material labour. Award and transport costs are subject to variation accordingly. A minimum surcharge of $6 per load is charged for Saturday deliveries. A higher surcharge is charged on jobs on Sundays, holidays or night work by arrangement according to circumstances.
  9. The mix specifications will be detailed on the face of delivery docket and customers must check same with concrete specifications supplied to the Company. The Company will not accept responsibility if this check is not made at the time of delivery.
  10. Terms are strictly net thirty days to approved accounts only otherwise cash against order.
  11. In the event of the customer and/or his agents giving delivery instructions and afterwards finding it necessary to cancel same such cancellation can only be accepted on the terms that the customer accepts full responsibility to the Company for all expenses so far incurred by the Company up to the time of cancellation. The Company’s estimate of expenses incurred to be accepted as final.
  12. Our invoicing charge will be based upon the quantity of concrete supplied as per delivery docket. Any claim for alleged short delivery of concrete must be made in writing within 7 days of delivery otherwise it will not be recognised by the Company and in absence of any such claim the purchaser shall be liable to pay for the full quantity of concrete stated in the Company’s delivery docket.